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Achieve Operational Excellence

Maximize Asset Utilization

Regulatory Compliance

Business Insights

Asset Management

Details about Asset, Purchase,Warranty & Contract


Category / Group / Type / Model


Depreciation based on life span


Availability & Replacement history


Tailored to fit custom Entry


Identify Asset retirement Timeline

Operational Excellence
Breakdown Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance
• Service request
• Complaint & Resolution
Warranty & Contract Maintenance
• Alert for Warranty & Contract expiry
• Renewal of AMC & CMC
Scheduling & Notification
• Assemble & Coordinate people, Material, Equipment
Calibration Verification / Quality Assurance
• Assemble & Coordinate people, Material, Equipment
Inventory Management
Regulatory Compliance
Documentation of Quality Assurance & Calibration Verification
Preventive Maintenance & Breakdown Maintenance
Quality Indicators
Incident Reporting & Root Cause Analysis

Know and control your assets to enable better decisions, plus optimize asset lifecycle investments to deliver better IT services.

Reduce asset costs and automate asset lifecycle processes to minimize wasted resources and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Mitigate risk with proven change management processes, enforce asset policies and regulatory requirements.

Application Highlights
Feature Details

Make informed asset capacity, refresh, and vendor decisions using accurate asset portfolio data consolidated within a single system of action. Access asset business and configuration information by linking the asset repository with the Asset Optima.

Determine the costs associated with assets throughout their lifecycles, including acquisition, lease charges, warranty fees, support and maintenance contract payments, and labor charges. Optimize future spending by identifying excess costs from assets over their actual lifecycle.

Control asset distribution by centralizing requests through a role‑based service catalog. Enforce policies, contracts, and regulatory requirements of new requests by using workflow to validate the request and obtain approvals. Confirm that all compliance requirements are met with periodic testing.

Simplify audit preparation and notify contract owners of renewal and expiration dates to prevent lapses in coverage. Strengthen change management risk calculations by including business information about assets, such as age or lease expiration date.

Quickly provide commonly requested goods and repurpose returned assets. Create a purchase order with a single click for requested items that are not in stock. Ordered assets are tracked and, once received, are automatically created in the system. Records are created cleanly from the outset.

Place asset offerings directly into the service catalog without building complex webpages. Bring in asset data directly from vendors. Determine standard offerings for authorized users or groups within a service catalog. Internal and recurring pricing supports different chargeback models.

Control stockroom assets such as hardware and consumables, define physical and logical stockroom hierarchies, and manage inventory and replenishment of each asset with predefined threshold levels. Automate rules to pull stock from a parent stockroom or instructions to buy more.

Assign contracts to team members and leverage the Asset Optima workflow engine to automate the contract approval and renewal process. Track contract terms and conditions as well as payment information, and make them easily searchable with document version control and electronic document storage.

Get real‑time transparency into operations with configurable, role‑based dashboards. Built‑in metrics and surveys measure service levels and drive continual service improvement. Identify service improvement and training opportunities. Dig even deeper with time‑based trends from Asset Optima Performance Analytics.